Town Programs:

T.A.R.A. has contracts with several townships, which allow these towns to offer spay and neuter services through reduced-cost voucher programs to their residents. Our first contract was established with the town of Mamakating in 2003. Several more towns have signed on throughout the years. Since the inception of these programs, over 5,000 public cats have been spayed and neutered for participating town residents. 

Below are a list of towns that have contracted with us to offer town-subsidized spay/neuter certificates to their residents:

Town of Bethel: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 583-4350. 

Town of Chester and the Town of Warwick: Contact the Warwick Valley Humane Society at (845) 986-2473.

Town of Crawford: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 744-2029.

Town of Mamakating: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 888-3002.

Town of Monroe: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 783-1900.

Town of Montgomery: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 457-2660.

Town of Thompson: Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 794-2500. 

Town of Wallkill (Orange County): Contact the Town Clerk at (845) 692-7826.

The town programs have been working very successfully. TARA is very interested in contracting with additional townships to help make spaying and neutering much more affordable to their residents. We need you to help by approaching your local town officials and asking them to get involved with our town-subsidized, certificate program by having them contact us. We have sample proposals available to send to any town, as requested.

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