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Meet Rocky. The rescue that started it all. Rocky was found abandoned, off a main road, scrounging for food and water. Rocky's regal demeanor and warm personality made him the perfect ambassador for our rescue efforts. He is a permanent member of our team, and he welcomes all newcomers to our home. Rocky is greeting little Willow. Willow was so small when he came to Rocky's Refuge that he needed to be fed with an eye dropper. When he got a little bit bigger, he was re-homed and now lives with his new owner and another little kitten.


Our Story

Permanent Residents

 Luna and her foal Celine. Luna came to us starving and five months pregnant.  Rocky's Refuge provided her with medical attention and neo-natal care, raising her weight so that she gave birth to a healthy beautiful filly, who we named Celine, our first birth at the rescue.

 Bibs.   Bibs was found on the side of the road emaciated with a badly damaged back leg and several other injuries. After spending some time with the veterinarian, Bibs was brought to Rocky's Refuge to begin her recovery.   It took several months, but now you would never know that she had been so badly hurt.  

Meet Ivy.   Ivy and her two kittens were found at the excavation of a neighbor's home. Rocky's Refuge rescued all three cats and re-homed the kittens. Ivy remained as a permanent resident at Rocky's Refuge. 

Rocky's Refuge is a permanent residence to two dogs, thirteen cats, three horses, one pony, one mule, one donkey, and dozens of chickens.  Meet a few of our residents and learn about their stories!

Our Volunteers

Our many volunteers work tirelessly to keep our organization running.   They are foster families taking in, and rehabilitating animals, readying them for adoption.  They work our thrift store, organizing, pricing and selling donated items each Saturday.  And they are rescuers, trapping and providing care to abandoned and neglected animals.   We are so proud of, and are thankful for, our staff of volunteers!

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