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Rocky's Refuge, Inc. has been established in order to facilitate the rescue of domestic and/or farm animals which were abused, neglected and/or abandoned and try to provide a safe and secure home environment for them.  All animals undergo a period of social and/or physical rehabilitation to prepare them for adoption where possible.  


Rocky's Refuge, Inc. has also been established in order to address the growing environmental and health concern of feral cats, provide community information in order to address this concern and will also work to trap, spay/neuter, and release feral cats.


Board of Directors



Virginia Grant, Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Ela Ambrozewic

Margaret Bartow    


Patricia Bennett    


JoAnne Berthold  


Richard Chiger  


Elizabeth Ennis  


Mariann Giordano  


Margery Greenberg 

Pamela Higgins


Douglas LaFrenier   


Steve Porter                 


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